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1001 Math difficulties offers workouts masking addition and subtraction via fractions, decimals, and probabilities, and directly to uncomplicated geometry and easy algebra.

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A. 80 gallons b. 160 gallons c. 800 gallons d. 1650 gallons 93. Use the following data to answer this question: Lefty keeps track of the length of each fish that he catches. Below are the lengths in inches of the fish that he caught one day: 12, 13, 8, 10, 8, 9, 17 What is the median fish length that Lefty caught that day? a. 8 inches b. 10 inches c. 11 inches d. 12 inches 94. If it takes two workers, working at the same speed, 2 hours 40 minutes to complete a particular task, about how long will it take one worker to complete the same task alone?

How much weight did Ethan gain per year? a. 30 pounds b. 15 pounds c. 12 pounds d. 10 pounds 156. Peter could not get serious about working and changed jobs 27 times between 1991 and 1993. On average, how many jobs did Peter hold in each of those three years? a. 12 jobs b. 9 jobs c. 6 jobs d. 4 jobs Answer question 157 on the basis of the following table. PRODUCTION OF FARM-IT TRACTORS FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL April Output Factory Dallas 450 Houston 425 Lubbock Amarillo 345 TOTAL 1780 157. What was Lubbock's production in the month of April?

1,563 79. Department regulations require trash collection trucks to have transmission maintenance every 13,000 miles. Truck #B-17 last had maintenance on its transmission at 12,398 miles. The mileage gauge now reads 22,003. How many more miles can the truck be driven before it must be brought in for transmission maintenance? a. 3,395 miles b. 4,395 miles c. 9,003 miles d. 9,605 miles 80. The city's bus system carries 1,200,000 people each day. How many people does the bus system carry each year?

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