2 Thessalonians (New Testament Readings) by Maarten J.J. Menken

By Maarten J.J. Menken

During this lucid divulge the second one letter to the Thessalonians is approached from a ancient viewpoint. The letter is learn as a part of a means of communique among its sender and the unique addressees, making it available to the trendy reader.2 Thessalonians features a translation of the quick Greek textual content; an ancient exam of the letter's style, authorship and non secular milieu; an advent to apocalyptic eschatology and an in depth observation at the letter.Maarten Menken's booklet will entice theologians, ministers of faith, scholars of theology and all these attracted to religious study.

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13) cf. 2; cf. 4 (rev. 11 (rev. 1–12. 9: in these instances, a longer sequence of words is almost entirely identical in the two letters. There are of course several points of agreement which are not very impressive when taken in isolation, but one should pay attention to the cumulative impact of major and minor similarities. It should also be pointed out that the large majority of the similarities cannot simply be explained by a similarity of subject- The author of 2 Thessalonians 39 matter; such a similarity would not in itself lead to identical expressions and phrases.

This was not considered as forgery, but as an expression of recognition: the disciples demonstrated in this way that their wisdom derived from their master, and that they only made his teaching topical for their own time. In the Old Testament and in early Jewish literature, we find several instances of pseudonymity. 1), which also refers to Solomon. Not quite the same, but comparable, is the addition of the prophecies of the unknown prophet commonly called Second Isaiah (Isaiah 40–55) and of the collection of prophecies commonly called Third Isaiah (Isaiah 56–66) to the prophecies of Isaiah, so that now the entire corpus Isaiah 1–66 circulates under the name of Isaiah.

E. a ‘revelation’) presents himself as a hero from Israel’s past; Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Baruch, Ezra and others pose as the authors of writings that were written many centuries after them. So the phenomenon of pseudonymity occurs quite often: how can we explain it? Meade (Meade 1986). In the Old Testament, in early Judaism and in early Christianity, pseudonymity occurs when the need is felt to make old traditions apply to new situations. , Is. , Is. 11); and as in need of interpretation. The latter feature is, as we shall see in the next chapter, particularly prominent in apocalyptic traditions.

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