A grammar of Nias Selatan by Lea Brown.

By Lea Brown.

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If only the verb, or verb + logical subject, and no other element is present), the logical subject agent affix is suffixed to the verb first, and the logical object follows the agent affix except for the 3rd-person singular agent. When the logical subject is 3rd-person singular, the order is reversed: the logical object cedes the logical subject. In the table below are all available forms using dîtin ‘to see’ as an example; the logical objects are given in boldface. Again, a 3rdperson singular logical-object pronoun is not expressed; it is built into the verb.

I forgot that man’s name. Did you forget something? § 23. Pronominal Objects of Verbs. e. the verb, any preverbal prefixes, compounding agent). Identical to the possessive enclitic pronouns, the direct-object pronouns are as follows: AFTER CONSONANTS ‫´ ـﻢ‬-im ‫´ ـﺖ‬-it ‫´ ـﻰ‬-î AFTER VOWELS ‫´ ـﲈن‬-mân ‫´ ـﺘﺎن‬-tân ‫´ ـﻴﺎن‬-yân ‫´ م‬-m ‫´ ت‬-t ‫´ ى‬-y ‫´ ﻣﺎن‬-mân ‫ن‬é ´-tân ‫ن‬ã ´-yân The enclitic pronouns are attached in the following order: 1. ‫ﮕﻢ دﻩﻛﻪن‬ï] bângim dákan. ‫ﻦ‬ä‫ وﻩرى دﻩﮔﺮ‬warî dágirîn.

Do you (pl) want to ask a question? ‫ﲍ‬I‫ﻧﻪوێ دﻩرس ﲞﻮ‬ã‫ ﻧﻪ‬Náyânawe dars bikhwe- They do not want to study. nin. Wîstin is conjugated as a transitive verb in the past (see §27 below). § 21. ’ The verb ‘to be able’ is ‫ ﺗــــﻮاﻧــــﲔ‬twânîn (pres. stem ‫ﺗــــﻮان‬ twân-). Twânîn is regularly conjugated in the present, and it is necessarily followed by a subjunctive complement. , negative subjunctive: ‫ ﻧ ـﻪﺗ ـﻮاﱎ‬nátwânim, ‫ ـﺖ‬í‫ ﻧ ـﻪﺗ ـﻮاﻧ ـ‬nátwânî(t), &c. Twânîn is conjugated as a transitive verb in the past (see §27 below).

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