A Little Book of Life by Ruskin Bond

By Ruskin Bond

During this ebook, Ruskin Bond very skillfully places jointly a few of his so much loved and best-loved quotations and sayings. a bit ebook of lifestyles, because the identify says is a ebook, which has all of the components of existence, and is bound to make the readers relax and smile. within the publication, Ruskin Bond provides his suggestions on nature, love, cash, family members, friendship, enemies and in brief, all of the little parts that sum up our lives.

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It is difficult to know where one is being led to—there is no way to it. The Supreme Purusha who is beyond the Avyakta and the Mahat is not to be reached as we reach a city or a physical destination in this world. Inasmuch as there is no reaching or attaining to it in the physical sense, there is also no movement towards it; therefore there is no path leading to it. Thus, the whole of the difficulty is placed before us. When there is no way to it, how will we attain it? This problem of finding a means to the realisation of the goal becomes especially intense when we are not morally purified.

It is invisible, and hence hard in every sense of the term. If you can see the path, you can walk on it, but you cannot see the path of yoga. So, how will you tread it? This way of the Spirit is sometimes compared to the track of birds in the sky or of fish in water. You cannot see the track of birds in the sky, though they have a track of their own. You cannot see a beaten path struck in open space for birds to move on, nor can you see the track of fish in water. So is the path of knowledge. It cannot be seen, though it is there.

Virtuous deeds, good actions, moral conduct are all an introductory necessity in the practice of the higher yoga. The spiritual element in the practice comes into relief when the intellect, the buddhi or the jnana-atman, is attuned to the Mahat-atman or the Universal Intelligence. This is not an easy affair, but this is, precisely, meditation proper. The attunement of the intellect to the Mahat, the establishment of the jnana-atman in the Mahat-atman is possible only when we have an adequate understanding as to what this Mahat-atman is.

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