A relativist's toolkit : the mathematics of black-hole by Eric Poisson

By Eric Poisson

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Einstein Manifolds: reprint of the 1987 edition, with 22 figures

Einstein's equations stem from basic Relativity. within the context of Riemannian manifolds, an autonomous mathematical idea has built round them. lately, it has produced a number of notable effects, that have been of significant curiosity additionally to physicists. This Ergebnisse quantity is the 1st ebook which offers an updated evaluate of the state-of-the-art during this box.

Monopoles and Three-Manifolds

Originating with Andreas Floer within the Nineteen Eighties, Floer homology offers an invariant of three-d manifolds and 4-dimensional cobordisms among them. It has proved to be a good device in tackling many very important difficulties in 3- and 4-dimensional geometry and topology. This e-book offers a finished therapy of Floer homology, in keeping with the Seiberg-Witten equations.

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A,. 49) closely. 46). 7 Bibliography The following textbooks treat their subjects at roughly the level I have assumed for this book. The list is intended t o be a guide t s the level of the material; it is certainly not a comprehensive list for background reading. Elementary calculus : G, B. , 1960). Mechanics: K. R. , 19 5 3); or H. , 1950); or L. Landau & E. M. Lifshitz, Mechanics (Pergamon, New York, 1960). Thermodynamics: M. W. Zemansky, Heat and Thermodynamics (McGraw-Hill, New York, 1957); or E.

11 A deeper look at fiber bundles 39 nowhere zero. But in fact there is no C" vector field on S2 which is nowhere zero. This is a consequence of the famous but difficult jked-point theorem of the sphere, that every 1-1 map (diffeomorphism) of S2 onto itself leaves at least one point of S2 fixed. 1 below. Therefore T S ~does not have a global product structure. This is an example in which the bundle is nontrivial because of the topology of the base manifold, S2. (ii) The second example shows that one can actually make a bundle nontrivial even if the base space allows a trivial bundle.

The sphere as a manifold One of the simplest examples of a manifold, which illustrates the importance of allowing for more than one chart, is the sphere. ) Consider the two-sphere ~ (called s2), the set of points in lZ3 for which (xl )2 (x2)2 ( x ~ =) const. 4). This shows that the map involved certainly will not preserve lengths or angles. As a specific example of a map, consider the usual spherical coordinates, with 0 -xl and # x 2 . 5. But there are some funny features here. First, the map breaks down at the pole 0 = 0, where one point is 'mapped' t o the whole line x1 = 0 , 0 $ x 2 < 277.

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