A Unified Theory of Happiness: An East-Meets-West Approach by Andrea Pollard

By Andrea Pollard

The Western global teaches us that happiness comes from achievement-from surroundings targets and actively pursuing them. japanese knowledge teaches us that give up is the major, that we needs to permit cross with the intention to adventure the good stream of being that's merely on hand within the current second. How will we take the easiest knowledge from either one of those ways, and honor what Dr. Andrea Polard calls "the wings of happiness" that let us to really soar?
Discover Dr. Polard's groundbreaking synthesis of Western pondering and japanese philosophy with A Unified conception of Happiness, a hot and customized consultant for the transformation of cognizance that permits own health and wellbeing and achievement to flourish. whereas our lives are jam-packed with ups and downs, Dr. Polard teaches us that we don't need to allow those ups and downs keep an eye on our adventure of existence. A Unified concept of Happiness teaches you the talents to decide on and settle for happiness by way of illuminating:

•How to navigate the energetic "Basic Mode" and the non-active "Supreme Mode" of attention to reply to life's complexities with flexibility
•Tools to construct ambition, competence, self belief, and connection-essential facets of reconciling with life's fragility and construction an attractive, genuine self
•Paths to receptivity, tranquility, reliance, and lightheartedness-keys to gaining access to your normal reference to the entire of being, and knowing your non-dual self
•The idea of Elastic Consciousness-a balanced position in ideal accord with an authentically lived life
"Happiness," says Dr. Polard, "is a fancy direction that turns into effortless merely as we stroll it." ultimately, here's a paintings that gives a complete knowing of happiness that honors the total spectrum of life's choices whereas broadening your event of its inherent pleasure.

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What Is in My Control? Being a Harry Potter reader, I know that I'm a “muggle” (human). I didn't get to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I don't have a magic wand to presto-chango! control my future, but there is a whole list of things in my control that can influence my response to that future. I can control my diet and exercise habits, and I can control what I focus on. You take ownership by deciding what is in your control and placing laser-beam focus on that. Ownership is a bumpy ride with lots of twists and turns.

I was afraid to eat after that appointment. I didn't know if the thief who had taken my kidney function was hidden in the extra piece of pizza I was known to swipe. What about the sugar in my lemonade? Or was coffee the culprit? How could something be happening in my body without my awareness or consent? I was supposed to be the guardian of my body, and somehow a burglar had slipped past me. I was determined to not let it happen again. Up to this point in my life VACTERL had been a challenge, it had upset me and embarrassed me, but it wasn't anything I couldn't work around.

Doing that frames every pain and annoyance in a way that makes it easier to deal with. Illness can be an invitation to become a deeper, stronger, wiser, more kick-ass you. As you open to your experience, you will listen more to your body. It has a story to tell, and an owner learns to listen to her body carefully. When I have pushed myself too hard, my back gives me a gentle nudge that it has had enough. I can listen to that nudge and rest, or I can push harder and spend the next day on a heating pad on the couch.

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