A Werewolf Among Us by Dean R. Koontz

By Dean R. Koontz

HE used to be A CYBERDETECTIVE--A SUPER-MAN... People--ordinary people--were frightened of Baker St. Cyr. Patiently the cyberdetective might clarify that the pc half his investigatory symbiosis didn't "take over" whilst his human part joined with it. "A cyberdetective is a component guy and half machine, meshed as thoroughly because the can ever be. The hugely microminiaturized elements of the bio-computer take into accout and relate issues in a superbly mathematical demeanour human brain may possibly by no means simply grab, whereas the human half the symbiote offers a conception of feelings and emotional motivations that the bio-computer may perhaps by no means understand. jointly we make an exact and thorough detective unit." and likewise a really risky creature. Which St. Cyr by no means went directly to explain...

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He saw a child playing in the forest a quarter of a mile from the last of the tents and trailers, a boy no more than seven years old, darting in and out of peculiar rock formations, poking into cul-de-sacs in hopes of finding some adventure. St. Cyr was aware that the boy was Norya's brother. In one of his spelunking efforts, he came across a cavelet that served as a wolfs den. It was occupied. Terrified at the confrontation with the wolf, the boy turned and ran. He did not get too far from the den before the wolf was upon him.

Why did it not require the extinction of the wild boar native to the same region? " Thirty seconds later, the Climicon computer said, "Heavy data. " Another thirty seconds passed before the long yellow sheets of paper chattered out of the slot in the base of the telephone stand. There were six of them. " He hung up. He carried the papers to the easy chair by the opaqued patio doors, palmed the glass panels into transparency again, and sat down to read. The first sheet dealt with the wild boar: Climicon's study of its ferocity and the determination, after exhaustive research, that the species should be maintained, though in smaller herds than was natural for them.

If the pace kept on like this, he would be able to slowly formulate a few theories in another day, maybe two days, then logically eliminate a number of the present suspects. Then, perhaps, before too much longer, the case would be finished. He realized as he swallowed the last of the Scotch that he did not want it to be finished. That is an unhealthy attitude. He wanted to apprehend the killer, of course, and before anyone else died. He wanted to pinpoint the man, get him running, corner him and break him down, thoroughly break him down.

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