A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural by Gerina Dunwich

By Gerina Dunwich

This e-book not just chronicles this author's interesting, and every now and then terrifying, own stories with haunted homes and ghostly encounters, however it additionally offers real Witches' spells, rituals, charms, herbs, and oils to conjure, banish, and safeguard opposed to the spirits of the useless. due to this e-book, you are going to competently behavior a séance, tips on how to use a Ouija board to speak with spirits, understand how to acknowledge and interpret messages from the lifeless who look in goals, see the way to examine a haunting like expert ghost-hunters do, and lots more and plenty extra. it's going to educate you the darkish secrets and techniques of old necromancy-the once-forbidden occult paintings of divination via the useless and assist you discover the hazards linked to obsession and ownership, and allow you to gaze upon the area of spiritualism from its early days in Victorian-era England to the current

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Remain positive and do not allow negative thinking and fear to overcome you. And keep in mind that the entity is still a human consciousness (unless it is a nonhuman spirit, which is another story) and that it possesses the same emotions, moods, and attitudes that it did when alive. There is also a good chance that it may not even be aware that it is dead, or it may simply be afraid of leaving the surroundings that it feels are familiar, safe, and comforting. If all of your efforts to rid yourself of the spirit by talking to it or by using spellwork fail, do not be tempted to perform an exorcism ritual, especially if you possess no formal training or experience in this area.

But the moment I placed my hand upon the knob of the bedroom door to open it, the music was no more. Like the strange mist in the air, it simply vanished. Months passed without further incidents. Summer gave way to autumn, and then Thanksgiving arrived, bringing with it a bone-chilling rain. That night we had guests over for dinner—my cousin Barbara, her husband Jimmy, and their two children. They were well aware of the supernatural activity that had taken place in the house earlier in the year, and during our after-dinner conversation, the subject of ghosts somehow came up.

Sometimes when an individual is headed for great danger, the apparition of a deceased family member—in many cases a parent or grandparent—will appear in one of that individual’s dreams with words of warning. The spirits of loved ones have also been known to appear in the dreams of persons who are close to death. In these cases, the spirit’s mission is usually to comfort the dreamer by alleviating fears of death, letting it be known that loved ones are waiting on the other side, and gently preparing the individual for his or her inevitable crossing over into death.

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