Acts (Believers Church Bible Commentary) by Chalmer E. Faw

By Chalmer E. Faw

Chalmer E. Faw brings Acts to existence for our day. He blends thorough biblical scholarship with knowledge from wide and sundry adventure in missionary paintings and Bible instructing. His cautious exposition of the booklet of Acts is supplemented with literary and theological dialogue. the foremost note in Acts is witness for Jesus Christ, from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. God's Spirit anoints the church at Pentecost, leads believers in dealing with conflicts among converts new and outdated, and empowers Christians to beat fake ideals and magic. In Acts, Luke tells this dramatic tale with refined humor.

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Jesus' own family is also present with the eleven and this goodly company of women. They include his mother Mary and her four sons, his brothers. According to Mark 6:3, they were James, Joses, Judas, and Simon, probably half brothers. Roman Catholic scholars, believ- Page 33 ing in the perpetual virginity of Mary, hold that they were either stepbrothers (sons of a supposed earlier marriage of Joseph) or first cousins (sons of Alphaeus and Mary of Clopas). Most Protestant scholars take the usual meaning of brothers here and assume them to be the half brothers of Jesus.

268 Page 10 Part 12: WitnessOn to Rome, 2728 Voyage to Rome, 27:128:16 282 From Caesarea toCrete, 27:1-12 282 The Storm, 27:13-26 284 The Shipwreck, 27:27-44 286 Wintering on the Island of Malta, 28:1-10 289 From Malta to Rome, 28:11-16 291 Paul's W itness in Rome, 28:17-31 293 First Session with the Jewish Leaders, 28:17-22 293 Second Meeting with the Jews, 28:23-28 294 Two Years of Unhindered W itness, 28:30-31 295 Outline of Acts 301 Essays 309 Map of Palestine in New Testament Times 324 Map of the New Testament World 325 Bibliography 327 Recommended Resources for Personal and Group Study 333 The Author 335 Page 11 SERIES FOREWORD The Believers Church Bible Commentary Series makes available a new tool for basic Bible study.

Miller 02 01 00 99 98 97 96 95 94 9310 9 8 7 65 4 32 1 Page 5 To Mary, for her unfailing love and encouragement Page 7 CONTENTS Series Foreword 11 Author's Preface 13 Introduction to Acts 17 Part 1: Beginnings in Jerusalem, 1:1-26 Summary of the Story Thus Far, 1:1-5 29 Commissioning of the Apostles, 1:6-8 30 Ascension and Promise of the Lord's Return, 1:9-11 31 Events in the Upper Room, 1:12-26 32 Part 2: The Day of Pentecost, 2:1-47 The Outpoured Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, 2:1-13 41 Peter's Speech and the Response, 2:14-41 44 The New Community of Believers, 2:42-47 47 Part 3: The Witness of the Early Jerusalem Church, 3:15:42 Witness of a Great Miracle, 3:14:31 61 Continuing Life Within the Community, 4:325: 16 68 Another Encounter with the Sanhedrin, 5:17-42 72 Part 4: The Martyr-Witness of Stephen, 6:18:1a Appointment of the Seven, 6:1-6 85 Continued Growth of the Church, 6:7 88 Page 8 Stephen's Ministry and Arrest, 6:87:1 88 Stephen's Final Speech, 7:2-53 89 Stephen's Witness in Death; Saul Introduced, 7:548:1a 92 Part 5: The Witness of a Persecuted and Scattered Church, 8:1b9:31 Hellenist Christians Scattered by Persecution, 8:1 b-3 102 Philip's Witness in Samaria, 8:4-13 102 Mission of Peter and John to Samaria, 8:14-25 104 Philip's Witness to the Ethiopian, 8:26-40 105 The Conversion of Saul, 9:1-19a 108 Saul's Witness in Damascus, 9:19b-25 113 Saul's Witness in Jerusalem, 9:26-30 114 A New Era of Peace and Growth, 9:31 115 Part 6: The Continuing Ministry of Peter, 9:3212:25 Healing of Aeneas at Lydda, 9:32-35 122 Raising of Dorcas at Joppa, 9:36-43 122 Conversion of Cornelius and Household, 10:11 1:18 .

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