Algebra II - Textbook for Students of Mathematics by Alexey L. Gorodentsev

By Alexey L. Gorodentsev

This ebook is the second one quantity of a thorough “Russian-style” two-year undergraduate direction in summary algebra, and introduces readers to the elemental algebraic constructions – fields, earrings, modules, algebras, teams, and different types – and explains the most ideas of and strategies for operating with them.
The direction covers colossal components of complicated combinatorics, geometry, linear and multilinear algebra, illustration idea, classification idea, commutative algebra, Galois conception, and algebraic geometry – issues which are usually ignored in average undergraduate courses.
This textbook is predicated on classes the writer has performed on the self reliant college of Moscow and on the school of arithmetic within the better tuition of Economics. the most content material is complemented via a wealth of routines for sophistication dialogue, a few of which come with reviews and tricks, in addition to difficulties for self reliant learn.

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Expand t as a linear combination of tensor monomials built out of the wi . Then cJt . 1 ˝ 2 ˝ ˝ n 1 / ˝ n is equal to the complete contraction of t with the monomial 1 ˝ 2 ˝ whose indices 1 ; 2 ; : : : ; n form the permutation of the indices 1; 1 ; 2 ; : : : ; n 1 uniquely determined by J. The result of this contraction equals the coefficient of the 26 2 Tensor Algebras monomial w 1 ˝w 2 ˝ ˝w n in the expansion of t. Varying J and 1 ; 2 ; : : : ; n 1 allows us to obtain every monomial w 1 ˝ w 2 ˝ ˝ w n containing w1 .

A; n>0 X X tn 7! tn / 2 A: n>0 P Since every tensor polynomial t D tn 2 TV has a finite number of nonzero homogeneous components tn 2 V ˝n , the map e f is a well-defined algebra homomorphism. 1) iD1 is called the complete contraction of t with . For a fixed #D 1 ˝ 2 ˝ ˝ n 2V ˝n ; the constant h v1 ˝ v2 ˝ ˝ vn ; # i 2 ???? depends multilinearly on the vectors v1 ; v2 ; : : : ; vn 2 V. Hence, there exists a unique linear form c# W V ˝n ! ????; v1 ˝ v2 ˝ ˝ vn 7! 2 Contractions 23 Since the covector c# 2 V ˝n depends multilinearly on unique linear map ˝n V !

Tk ˝ tm . For every basis E of V over ????, all the tensor monomials e1 ˝ e2 ˝ ˝ ed with ei 2 E form a basis of V ˝d . ei1 ˝ ei2 ˝ ˝ eik / D ei1 ˝ ei2 ˝ ej1 ˝ ej2 ˝ ˝ eik ˝ ej1 ˝ ej2 ˝ ˝ ejm ˝ ejm : Thus, TV is an associative but not commutative ????-algebra. It can be thought of as the algebra of polynomials in noncommuting variables e 2 E with coefficients in ????. From this point of view, the subspace V ˝d TV consists of all homogeneous polynomials of degree d. Another name for TV is the free associative ????-algebra with unit spanned by the vector space V.

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