Alla får ligga by Henrik Fexeus

By Henrik Fexeus

Hur många har inte gått på myten om att guy måste ha deffad tvättbräda på magen eller se ut som en playboymodell för att lyckas med romantiken? Visst, ytlig uppmärksamhet räcker en liten stund, males för att verkligen lyckas få någon på fall krävs helt andra faktorer.

I Alla får ligga får både män och kvinnor verktygen för framgång i det kittlande sociala spel som vi kallar flirt och raggning. Med sina unika kunskaper i ickeverbal kommunikation, social manipulation och påverkan, har Henrik Fexeus listat a hundred and seventy konkreta och praktiska assistance.

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An "instead of" picture is usually easiest to come up with—at least it is for me. Seeing one of the items larger than life (gigantic) or seeing millions of the same item helps to make the picture silly or illogical. So does action—walking, or being hit in the face, and so forth. If you've visualized the action between shoe and book, stop thinking about it now. Proceed to the next association.

A girl named Ann turns yellow (Ann yellow) because she's eating too much lamb (or too many lamb chops). Go over these; form the associations; see those pictures. Then test yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised. 27 I Recall. . Years ago, a woman brought her twelve-year-old son to one of my courses. She was quite nervous and didn't know whether I could help him—it seems he couldn't remember any of his schoolwork. The tuition fee was a lot of money for her, and her husband was against the whole thing.

Mr. Kusak: He has wide bulging eyes. See cue sticks flying out of those eyes—into a sack. Do these associations seem silly? Good. I want them to be silly. I'm result-oriented; I care only whether an idea works or not. Will this idea help you remember names and faces better than you thought possible? Yes—it will! 48 -> Apply the System Starting now! Apply it when meeting one new person, or when you're introduced to a few people in a group. What can you lose? The worst that can happen is that it won't work and you'll forget names.

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