An Introduction to the Comparative Phonetics of English and by Marc Picard

By Marc Picard

This textbook is designed to fill uncomplicated wishes. One is for a transparent and easy presentation of the rudiments of articulatory phonetics that's geared in particular to the necessities of the (future) language instructor, and never solely to the scholar of linguistics, and within which the elemental recommendations and terminology are brought through English in place of numerous languages. a fair larger desire, possibly, and person who has long past unfulfilled for too lengthy, is for an easy yet quite whole evaluate of the phonetic stock of North American French.

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In French, individual words are always stressed on the last syllable and in longer utterances, only the phrase-final syllable evinces any prominence. e. a language in which the inter­ val between each and every syllable is pretty regular. The failure to ENGLISH PHONETICS 29 relinquish this type of rhythmic pattern is what gives French speakers their characteristic intonational accent in English, a language in which the tendency is to have stressed syllables recur at regular intervals. II. FREE STRESS A.

SUPRASEGMENTALS 6. 1 From the outset, vowels and consonants have been consistently refer- ENGLISH PHONETICS 27 FIGURE 11. Main parts of the vocal tract: 1. lips; 2. teeth; 3. alveolar ridge; 4. palate; 5. velum (movable); 6. uvula; 7. pharynx; 8. glottis; 9. tongue tip; 10. tongue blade. Major points of articulation: 1. labial; 2. dental; 3. alveolar; 4. palatal; 5. velar; 6. uvular; 7. pharyngeal; 8. glottal; 9. apical; 10. dorsal. 28 COMPARATIVE PHONETICS OF ENGLISH AND FRENCH red to as segments.

G. g. g. clas[p], faul[t], bun[k] (cf. 3). 3 In addition to aspirated and unaspirated plosives, English also has voi­ celess stops that are simply unexploded or unreleased in certain positions. Another way of looking at this situation is to consider that English has aspi- ENGLISH PHONETICS 35 rates and two types of non-aspirates, released and unreleased. At any rate, in the production of these unreleased stops, normal plosion is suppressed so that they are not accompanied by any release of compressed air.

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