An Introduction to the Grammar of English by Elly van Gelderen

By Elly van Gelderen

I purchased this publication for a linguistics type. it's a thoroughly enough linguistics textbook.

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Like (P) nothing (Pron) else (Adj) in (P) Tennessee (N). 31 32 An Introduction to the Grammar of English Possible difficult words: no longer, wild, nothing, and else. The Oxford English Dictionary labels else an adverb. I think it is an adjective since it is a synonym of ‘other’ and the order of adjectives and indefinites is often inverted, as in someone strange. (49) Ile (Pron and AUX) serve (V) thee (Pron) true (Adv) and (C) faithfully (Adv) till (P) then (Adv). K. I checked the BNC and the first 10 instances of fast that I found are listed here: Adv: … the cold spreading too fast, of my not being able to live with it.

I can see [very well] from here; He went [extremely quickly]; He said that she drove [too fast]. The prepositions are: of, off (unless you consider off road as a compound), as, in, (around is an adverb), in, Off, (of course is one adverb), (to in to get is an infinitive marker), in, of, over, on, including, on, As, and above. The coordinators are one or and four instances of and. There is one complementizer, namely whilst. D. ‘Twas brillig (Adj), and the slithy (Adj) toves (N) Did gyre (V) and gimble (V) in the wabe (N): All mimsy (Adj) were the borogoves (N) And the mome (Adj) raths (N) outgrabe (V).

Chapter 2. Categories He took his vorpal (Adj) sword in hand: Longtime the manxome (Adj) foe he sought So rested he by the Tumtum (N) tree And stood a while in thought. Five grammatical categories: all (D), my (D), have (AUX), though (ADV and C), since (C and P). g. the Oxford English Dictionary), you will run into trouble because there is so much information. For instance, the is listed as ‘demonstrative’, ‘pronoun, and ‘article’. A less historical dictionary might just give ‘article’. F.

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