Anaphora Resolution and Text Retrieval by Helene Schmolz

By Helene Schmolz

The fields of linguistics and knowledge know-how can cash in on one another in useful methods in the event that they get hooked up in a really interdisciplinary means. This ebook specializes in anaphora answer for the English language and exhibits how lucrative a linguistic-computational viewpoint might be. It outlines all kinds of anaphors and their frequencies and in addition develops ideas for resolving non-finite clause anaphors, that have by no means prior to been tested.

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2 Endophora and exophora Halliday & Hasan (2008: 31-37) subsume anaphors and cataphors under the category endophora, which they in turn distinguish from exophora. This categorisation of reference is visualised in Figure 1. Fig. 1: Reference Although both endophora and exophora constitute referential processes, they are different in one aspect fundamentally important for this work: whether the antecedents are found in the text or context. By definition, endophoric expressions have their point of reference in the text.

Nevertheless, each anaphor relies – more or less – on its antecedent for interpretation. – The relation between anaphor and antecedent is coreferential, substitutional or neither. Not only anaphors that show coreference will be investigated, but also those that show substitution. In addition, some anaphors in specific contexts that show neither a clear coreferential nor substitutional relationship will be considered. Subsequently, an anaphor belongs to one of these three categories: category of coreference, category of substitution, miscellaneous category.

12) If Barbara drives to work by car she first has to change the tyres. Apart from that, homography and polysemy might be of interest with anaphora resolution, in order to find out if two items are anaphoric or not. g. bank (financial institution) – bank (of a river). g. foot (part of body) – foot (measure) (cf. Herbst, Stoll & Westermayr 1991: 42; Yule 2010: 120). 3 Related concepts: cataphora, endophora, exophora and deixis This section first considers cataphors and classifies them as a special form of anaphors.

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