Applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plants by Ernest E. Ludwig (Eds.)

By Ernest E. Ludwig (Eds.)

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The a should be for the feed tray. It would not be if this were predominantly a rectifjmg or a stripping operation. 456) Now, substituting to solve for (L/D)min. 18 Min. 2. This demonstrates the value of taking the thermal condition of the feed into account. Actually, any point on one of the curves represents a condition of reflux and number of trays that will perform the required separation. Minimum Reflux Ratio Theoretical Trays at Actual Reflux Because this is not feed at its boiling point, but subcooled liquid, the convenient charts cannot be used with accuracy.

Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants 20 ParHal Condenser Qc Product Distillate Product Receiver A Column Conditions : yT = xD B Column Conditions: yD in Equilibrium with xo yT in Equilibrium with Tap Tray D is Liquid Total Condenser yD is Vapor D is Vapor Product Partial Condenser acts as One Plate with yo in Equilibriumwith Top Tray Condensate. ~0 Partial Condenser Figure 8-13. Total and partial condenser arrangements. pressure will be the total vapor pressure of the condensate.

37;No. 5 (1958), p. 216, Gulf Pub. Co. 9 By assuming values of xl, the corresponding y1 may be calculated. 4 9 Using the vapor pressure data for benzene and toluene [59]: 1. Construct a boiling point diagram at a total pressure of 760 mm Hg, Figure 8-18. 2. From the boiling point diagram construct the equilibrium x-y curve for a total pressure of 760 mm Hg, Figure 8-19. 9 Mol FRACTION BENZENE IN LIQUID, xB Figure 8-19. X-y diagram for benzene in benzene-toluene mixture at 760 mm Hg total pressure, Example 8-5.

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