Banana Hammock (Jack Daniels Thrillers) by J.A. Konrath

By J.A. Konrath


DO no longer learn this publication until eventually you learn the outline, since you may simply hate it...

Private Detective Harry McGlade is employed via an Amish girl who suspects her husband is dishonest on her. Going undercover into their neighborhood, Harry needs to untangle an internet of lies and deception to discover the reality. this can be his largest problem but. simply because Harry McGlade is an idiot.

Lead Harry via a sequence of comedian misadventures and undesirable puns as he traverses the J.A. Konrath universe, popping into many known books and tales. organize to be surprised and surprised via scenes which are simply simple wrong.

It's over 60,000 phrases of Harry McGlade, that is most likely manner too much.

WARNING approximately this"Write your individual rattling tale" Adventure 
Banana Hammock isn't a unmarried, linear ebook, and shouldn't be learn sequentially, web page by means of web page. as a substitute, it truly is an interactive textual content adventure.

This booklet is intended to be learn out of order, counting on the trail you, the reader, choose.

Harry McGlade is a constant personality within the Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels sequence. on the finish of every part, you opt the place Harry is going, and what he does. by means of following varied paths, you could arrive at many alternative endings. There are actually enormous quantities of variations.

You regulate the nature. You keep watch over the fun.

Join Harry and a forged pulled from JA Konrath and Jack Kilborn tales, and push e-book expertise to the limits of analyzing leisure, or whatever like that.

From the Author
This book is full of raunchy humor, and has anything to offend all people. when you think there are taboo issues that just isn't laughed at or made enjoyable of, do not buy it. as a substitute, choose up certainly one of my different, less-offensive books. but when you love roasting sacred cows, learn on. you will laugh. 

If you're a extra delicate (or adventurous) reader, this convenient scale charges particular different types from 1 (lowest) to ten (highest) to provide you a few concept if this can be your form of book. 

BANANA HAMMOCK by means of JA Konrath 

Bad Language - 8 
Scary - 1
Violent - 5
Funny - 9
Sexy - 1 
Crossovers - BANANA HAMMOCK gains cameos from with regards to each personality within the Konrath universe

From the Book
"Hell no, i do not are looking to get your rattling horse," I acknowledged. "I'm an incredible guy, with vital stuff to do, probably."

I grew to become again to fb and persisted taking part in Combville--a online game the place you used a digital comb to brush a digital head of hair, repeatedly and another time until eventually time and lifestyles misplaced all which means and also you wondered the cause of your birth.

"But Amos will starve! there is not anything to consume in an automobile pound."

"Your horse is called Amos?"

She nodded.

"Isn't your husband named Amos as well?"


"You don't believe that is odd?" I asked.

"Not in any respect. yet my brother Amos reveals it strange."

"I promise we are going to get the pony later," I lied. "Right now we have to visit the gown shop."

"For what?" Lulu asked.

"For a kind of simple black fits and an Abe Lincoln beard." I winked. "I'm going undercover as an Amish guy."

To visit the dress store, click on HERE
To hold enjoying Combville, click on HERE

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Amos nodded humbly. ” “Maybe he was talking about being good at math. Man, haven’t any of you heard of condoms? Maybe you should grow those, instead of corn. ” I took the pot of sugar under my other arm, then left. But where was I to go next? Should Harry interview other Amish in town? If so, click here. Should Harry try to find Lulu? If so, click here. Should Harry quit this case and take another one about assassination? If so, click here. To return to the previous section, click here. There I was, surrounded by Amish.

I don’t care about your quaint local customs, Amos. ” Amos’s wife clasped her hands over Little Amos’s ears, so hard she knocked away his crutches. ” “Oops. My bad. Let me rephrase it for the sensitive viewers. ” “Thank you,” Mrs. Amos said. I nodded. ” “Mother, you and Little Amos go into the bedroom,” Amos told them. They hurried away, as fast as his painful little broken legs could carry him. “Brother McGlade, I don’t mean to be hospitable…” “Then don’t,” I grinned, giving him a friendly tug on his beard.

If you believe that you have the power to change fate, click here. “Hell no, I don’t want to get your damn horse,” I said. ” I had my iPhone out and was accessing the Combville app. “But Amos will starve! ” She nodded. ” I asked. “Not at all. ” “I promise we’ll get the horse later,” I lied. ” Lulu asked. ” I winked. ” To go to the costume shop, click here. To skip to the end of the story, click here. To return to the previous section, click here. Clandestine Weston’s Costume Shoppe was located two blocks from my office.

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