Basic Aspects of Central Vestibular Mechanisms by A. Brodal, O. Pompeiano

By A. Brodal, O. Pompeiano

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A. (1956) Microscopic structure of the utiicle. Ann. Otol. (St. Louis), 65, 450-469. SPOENDLIN, H. H. (1964) Organization of the sensory hairs in the gravity receptors in utricle and saccule of the squirrel monkey. Z . ZeNforsch.. 62, 701-716. WERNER, C. F. (1940) Der Labyrinth. Thieme, Leipzig. WERSALL, J. (1954) The minute structure of the ciista ampullaris in the guinea pig as revealed by the electron microscope. Acta oto-luryng. ), 44, 359-369. WERSALL, J. (1956) Studies on the structure and innervation of the sensory epithelium of the cristae ampullaris in the guinea pig.

Maximum activity was in some instances in the nose-up and in others in the nosedown position. Obviously this could mean that in certain positions the cupula of the given canal was sagging ampullopetally in the horizontal and ampullofugally in the vertical canals. Ledoux pointed out that such displacement could be caused by a difference in density between cupula and endolymph. Such a response should develop relatively slowly after the head has come to rest in a specific position having got there by a constantspeed tilt and should show considerable adaptation in a situation of what is in fact constant gravitational acceleration.

Work in my laboratory by these colleagues has yielded the following provisional results. Drugs which are known to deplete indolalkylamine and catecholamine neurotransmitter stores have been injected into P H Y S I O L O G Y O F THE V E S T I B U L A R R E C E P T O R S 29 the american bullfrog to note their effects upon the synaptic bar structures in the sensory cells of the labyrinth. The drugs are: (a) reserpine which depletes both indolalkylamine and catecholamine stores; (b) guanethidine which depletes norepinephrine stores from peripheral but not central nervous tissue; (c) chloramphetamine which produces selective depletion of indolalkylamine stores in neurones.

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