Bitumens, asphalts, and tar sands by G.V. Chilingarian and T.F. Yen (Eds.)

By G.V. Chilingarian and T.F. Yen (Eds.)

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Plotting these parameters as an X--Y diagram (Fig. 3-l), provides a visual means of comparison between samples [ 12,171 : any point of the approximately hyperbolic curve, representing a random crude oil or asphalt sample, will move towards the abscissa as a result of bacterial degradation and towards the ordinate by thermal alteration. ) . - --'\. __il ASPHALT ASSOCIATED WITH LEAD. ZINC O R E DEPOSITS (FRANCE) 0 x A A A AOUlTAlNE ASPHALT (HEATING EXPERIMENT) \I Fig. 3-1. Relationship between content of saturates in the chloroform extract and (aromatics)/(saturates) ratio for various natural asphalts.

A. Aquitaine crude oil at 25OOC: solid, heavy line = unheated sample; solid, light line = sample heated for 1 month; dashed (short) line = sample heated for 2 months; dashed (long) line = sample heated for 3 months; dotted line = sample heated for 4 months; and dashed-dotted line = sample heated for 6 months. ' - I '! , /J "J L - 6 months * 6 months Fig. 3-5. Gas chromatograms of the branched-cyclic alkane fraction before and after heating Aquitaine crude oil a t 250' and 300'C. - . ~ b. d (short) line = sample heatrd for 3 months; dashrd (long) line = sample heated for 4 months; dotted line = sample heated for 5 months; and dashed-dotted linc = sample heated for 6 months.

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