Brainblocks: Overcoming the 7 Hidden Barriers to Success by Theo Tsaousides

By Theo Tsaousides

Brainblocks are the psychological hindrances that continue humans from attaining good fortune, outlined as environment, pursuing, and attaining a goal.
Managing the mind is the answer to fighting psychological blocks from interfering with attaining your pursuits. And neuropsychologist Dr. Theo Tsaousides provides the instruments to improve:

   •  the seven brainblocks to luck (self-doubt, procrastination, impatience, multitasking, pressure, perfectionism, negativity)
   •  the attribute emotions, concepts, and activities linked to each one brainblock
   •  the mind features desirous about goal-oriented motion
   •  mind system defects and the way they carry setbacks
   •  the price of no longer removal brainblocks
   •  the easiest thoughts to take away the blocks

   •  actively look for brainblocks on your activities, recommendations, and emotions
   •  realize and label each one brainblock once it's pointed out
   •  perform each one approach continually till it turns into moment nature
   •  tune your development towards a objective
via those techniques you are going to discover ways to conquer those cognitive hindrances and harness the facility of the mind to be successful in any exercise.

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There’s no formula for this exploration, as whenever you look within, the experience unfolds differently. But all you really need to do is trust and explore whatever shows up. Even the deeper experiences of essence are empty at their core. When you touch this emptiness, the invitation is to go even deeper into the emptiness. Infinite layers of essential aspects of your Being are then discovered to be hiding another deeper layer of emptiness. Surprisingly, the doorway to the deeper reality is often the place where it seems emptiest.

But while emptiness has no qualities, it does have an infinite capacity to express or create all the qualities of existence that really matter, like love, peace, joy, strength, clarity, compassion, and many more. ” They have much more reality than our thoughts and mental images and even more reality than physical objects. The challenge is that we never know what will arise out of emptiness in any particular moment, or if anything will arise at all. One moment you might experience a powerful sense of pure existence that is solid and more real than a mountain of stone arising out of the empty source of all experiences, and the next moment you might experience a sense of spacious, light joy that doesn’t feel particularly solid but is still very real.

In addition, every time you ask the same question, the experience will be different, since your consciousness is being affected by a wide range of influences in each unique moment. ” What is the effect of hopping from channel to channel with a wide range of questions and practices? And what is it like to simply sit with one question or practice for a while longer? And what is it like in between the questions and in between the thoughts? What effect on your consciousness does silence have? This underlying curiosity is the heart of the practices.

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