Building Enterprise Applications with Windows Presentation by Raffaele Garofalo

By Raffaele Garofalo

Simplify and increase company software improvement by way of making use of the MVVM trend to home windows Presentation beginning (WPF) and Microsoft Silverlight four. With this hands-on advisor, you are going to use MVVM with information binding, instructions, and behaviors to create consumer interfaces loosely coupled to enterprise common sense. MVVM is perfect for .NET builders operating with WPF and Silverlight - even if you've event development company functions.

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You won’t explore each design pattern in depth in this book, because that’s not the main purpose; however, it’s worth looking at some of the common available design patterns to see how they might apply to the sample Line of Business (LOB) application. info 25 26 Chapter 2 Design Patterns A Little Taste of History Design patterns were originally introduced by Christopher Alexander in 1977 as a common solution for a common problem in the field of construction architecture. Later, at the end of the 1980s, Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham began to apply patterns in the field of the computer science.

The View and Model are not connected in MVP, while in MVC, the View is totally or partially aware of its corresponding Model. Like the MVC, the MVP has three components, but with some differences: n The Model is the same as in MVC. It represents any business entity with associated data and business logic. info UI Design Patterns 35 n The View is the graphical interface in charge of rendering the data. It directly references the Presenter so that it can delegate to it the interpretation of all user interactions.

For example, if you want to create a collection of Customer classes using the Customer table in the database as a source, you would use the Data Layer to do that. Of course, this task can be the most expensive in terms of resources, because you need to map each entity against the corresponding data in the database. You will also need to provide the mappings for commands, such as Save, Update, and so on. You will also need to maintain a blueprint of the mapping process; otherwise, when changes occur in the database, your Data Layer won’t reflect this change.

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