College Algebra by Raymond A.;Ziegler, Michael R.;Byleen, K Barnet

By Raymond A.;Ziegler, Michael R.;Byleen, K Barnet

The Barnett/Ziegler/Byleen/Sobecki university Algebra sequence is designed to provide scholars a high-quality grounding in pre-calculus subject matters in a elementary demeanour. The sequence emphasizes computational abilities, rules, and challenge fixing instead of conception. Explore/Discuss bins built-in all through every one textual content inspire scholars to imagine significantly approximately mathematical strategies. All labored examples are by way of Matched difficulties that make stronger the innovations being taught. New to those variations, expertise Connections illustrate how recommendations that have been formerly defined in an algebraic context can also be solved utilizing a graphing calculator. scholars are constantly proven the underlying algebraic equipment first in order that they don't develop into calculator-dependent. additionally, every one textual content within the sequence includes an abundance of routines - together with a number of calculator-based and reasoning and writing routines - and a wide selection of real-world functions illustrating how math comes in handy.

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If the properties of exponents are to hold for rational exponents, then 72ր3 ϭ (71ր3)2; that is, 72ր3 must represent the square of the cube root of 7. This leads to the following general definition: m͞n and b؊m͞n, Rational Number Exponent Z DEFINITION 4 b For m and n natural numbers and b any real number (except b cannot be negative when n is even): bmրn ϭ (b1րn)m 43ր2 ‫( ؍‬41ր2)3 ‫ ؍‬23 ‫ ؍‬8 bϪmրn ϭ and 4؊3ր2 ‫؍‬ 1 ‫؍‬ 43ր2 1 8 1 bmրn (؊4)3ր2 is not real (؊32)3ր5 ‫([ ؍‬؊32)1ր5 ] 3 ‫( ؍‬؊2)3 ‫ ؍‬؊8 We have now discussed bmրn for all rational numbers mրn and real numbers b.

A) Ϫ3 Ϫ 313 (B) xϪy R-2 (F) 0 Exercises All variables represent positive real numbers and are restricted to prevent division by 0. In Problems 1–14, evaluate each expression. If the answer is not an integer, write it in fraction form. 1 8 1. 37 2. 56 3. a b 2 3 3 4. a b 5. 6Ϫ3 6. 2Ϫ6 5 7. (Ϫ5)4 8. (Ϫ4)5 10. (Ϫ7)Ϫ2 11. Ϫ7Ϫ2 1 0 13. a b 3 14. a 1 Ϫ1 b 10 9. (Ϫ3)Ϫ1 12. qxd 20 7/14/09 8:33 PM CHAPTER R Page 20 BASIC ALGEBRAIC OPERATIONS In Problems 15–20, write the numbers in scientific notation. 15.

31y 21y Ϫ 3 79. 1 77. 3 1 7 4 16 Ϫ 2 3 82. 2a2 8a8b13 85. 215 ϩ 312 515 ϩ 212 3 3 254 80. 12 16 ϩ 2 83. 12m15 120m 86. 312 Ϫ 213 313 Ϫ 212 2 In Problems 27–32, change to radical form. Do not simplify. 27. 321ր5 28. 6253ր4 29. 4xϪ1ր2 30. 32yϪ2ր5 31. x1ր3 Ϫ y1ր3 32. (x Ϫ y)1ր3 87. What is the result of entering 23 on a calculator? 2 88. Refer to Problem 87. What is the difference between 2(3 ) and 3 2 32 (2 ) ? Which agrees with the value of 2 obtained with a calculator? APPLICATIONS In Problems 33–38, change to rational exponent form.

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