Come Follow Me: v. 2 by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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Now their egos are inflated. But they remember one thing: THROUGH THY NAME. "It is your name that has done miracles. " Jesus immediately says: "NOTWITHSTANDING IN THIS REJOICE NOT. Don't rejoice that the spirits are subject unto you. If you really want to rejoice, rejoice about something else that you are not aware of: BUT RATHER REJOICE, BECAUSE YOUR NAMES ARE WRITTEN IN HEAVEN. Rather rejoice that God has heard your prayers. Don't think about yourself and don't think about my name. Rather feel happy that God has heard you and helped you.

Now his life is no longer like a desert. It starts blooming. It gains tremendously. And the beauty is this: that the other is not losing; the other is also gaining the same. ,Both come to their peaks because each stirs the depth of the other and each brings out the most beautiful in the other. Each provokes the divine in the other. Lovers become gods to each other. And when somebody believes that you are a god, you have to fulfill it. What can you do? When somebody believes that you are a god, unknowingly you start fulfilling it.

Buddha was never taken that seriously. We could tolerate him. "lt's okay, let him do his thing. Nothing much is going to happen out of it. Why kill him unnecessarily? " Jesus, if he was in India, would have become one of the AVATARS. But nothing much. Nothing much -- we would have included him in the tradition. Even Buddha has been included. Buddha denied all that is basic to Hinduism, but Hindus are very sophisticated people. " He was contradicting all that is meaningful to Hindus, but they were not bothered.

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