Computers and the Cybernetic Society by Michael A. Arbib (Auth.)

By Michael A. Arbib (Auth.)

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The computer reads in the program and data and starts its work.

One can take photos of the display on a graphics screen, or even a sequence of pictures, with the shutter advance under computer control, to make a movie. There are also specialized plotters that can use four different colors to plot complex pictures expressing the results of an elaborate computation in a form far easier to understand than page after page of densely printed numbers. Such a plotter is depicted on the facing page. 1 THE IDEA OF A PROGRAM 41 42 ABOUT COMPUTERS AND PROGRAMS If a user wants to employ a program again and again or wants to build up a data base for use on different occasions, it is not necessary to keep huge boxes of punched cards or type in the information each time the machine is used.

B) "Bug" is a nickname for a small robot. (c) "Bug" is a nickname for a transistorized circuit. (d) A label can refer to an instruction in a program. 3. Modify the flow diagram of Figure 5 to handle the case in which the robot is facing a wall, but not necessarily the one with the door. Note: Use "touching wall" to mean with sensors in front of the robot, while "brushing wall" means with sensors on side. ] 4. Write a program for the robot of the previous (flowchart) problem. Use the types of statement (informal programming language) seen in the text, plus an EXIT statement.

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