Cosmology and Eschatology in Hebrews: The Settings of the by Kenneth L. Schenck

By Kenneth L. Schenck

Students argue over the place Hebrews slot in the 1st century global. Kenneth L. Schenck works in the direction of resolving this query by way of imminent Hebrews' cosmology and eschatology from a text-orientated viewpoint. After staring at that the main passages within the historical past debate usually relate to the 'settings' of the tale of salvation heritage evoked through Hebrews, Schenck makes an attempt to delineate these settings via asking how the 'rhetorical global' of Hebrews engages that underlying narrative. Hebrews principally argue from an eschatology of 2 a while, which correspond to 2 covenants. The clean age has come regardless of the continuance of a few outdated age parts. the main attribute parts of Hebrews' settings, besides the fact that, are its spatial settings, the place we discover an underlying metaphysical dualism among the top heaven, that is the area of spirit, and the created realm, together with the created heavens. This production can be got rid of on the eschaton, leaving in basic terms the unshakeable heaven.

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Fowl and L. G. Jones, Reading in Communion: Scripture and Ethics in Christian Life (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1991). 64 See R. Firth, ‘The Anatomy of Certainty’, PhRev (1967) 3–27 and J. L. Pollock, ‘Criteria and our Knowledge of the Material World’, PhRev (1967) 55–60. 65 See n. 1 above. 68 In the first instance, therefore, what we mean by the term ‘original meaning’ is a function of the way people were using words at the time when the document in question was created. Recognition of this fact brings relative certainty about a vast host of things that the text does not mean, namely, anachronistic interpretations whose aspects simply do not pertain to the time in question.

Even within the domain of ancient meanings, a single text could foster multiple readings and interpretations. The meaning in the author’s mind likely differed to some degree from the meaning understood by those in the ancient audience, which also probably differed somewhat from individual to individual. Ricoeur’s ‘world of the text’ probably differs somewhat from all of these, a world we might define as the symbolic universe a text ‘projects’ on the basis of the domain of possible meanings in its original context.

They are people of faithfulness who The rhetorical strategy of Hebrews 39 preserve their soul (10:39). It is worthwhile to mention a few other expositional elements scattered in the remaining chapters of Hebrews that are consistent with the author’s main exposition of Christ’s high priesthood. While these interpretive items are ‘embedded’ in hortatory material, they testify to the author’s use of the story of salvation history in relation to the audience’s situation. First, note the allusion to sacrifice in Heb.

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