Creativity: Its Glory, Its Splendor, & YOU by Adriana Attento

By Adriana Attento

Production is the very lifestyles strength that retains the whole Universe in movement. it's the all-powerful, countless intelligence that every little thing is part of and attached to. This publication will exhibit stunningly attractive insights as to how one can encourage on an excellent dating along with your internal creativity.

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If we unfolded and then flattened out our 3mm-thick cortexes, they would be the same size as a tabloid-sized sheet of paper. A deep groove separates the left brain from the right brain. Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry discovered in the 1960s that the two hemispheres divide the major intellectual functions between them. 7 In our left brain, we tend to match what we see now with what we have experienced before. If a pattern seems rational, then we add it to our repertoire. When we speak, our left brain helps us produce a linear sequence of words that follows syntactic and semantic rules.

We can see the “big picture” and consequently make conclusions. The human frontal lobe makes us different. We can imagine and create new things. We can argue and understand other people’s arguments. 1 1. 0 printing, November 2009) 32 B RAIN P ERFORMANCE Brain Performance The human brain is refueled every hour with 2 grams of glucose (comparable to a sugar cube), 150 liters of blood transports, and 3 liters of oxygen. 2 Our brains have something like 100 billion nerve cells. They are called neurons, and they talk to each other through 100 trillion synaptic connections.

As long as you can tailor a suitable role for each of them, they make an invincible team. We inherited our brain stems from our reptile ancestors living hundreds of millions of years ago. The brain stem gives us reliable reflexes without having to instantly use our conscious awareness. The limbic system is shared with our fellow mammals. It helps us with our long-term memory and also carries reward signals further up. The main themes here are feelings and social connections. The cortex is more developed in the more intelligent animals like us humans.

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