Crystallographically Ordered Polymers by Daniel J., ed. Sandman

By Daniel J., ed. Sandman

content material: totally ordered macromolecules and their houses : present propositions / Daniel J. Sandman --
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy of triplet electron pairs in diacetylene crystals / Hans Sixl --
Structural stories of novel polydiyne fabrics / R.J. Butera, R.P. Grasso, Mrinal okay. Thakur, and J.B. Lando --
Four-center-type photopolymerization of unsymmetrically substituted diolefin crystals : attribute beneficial properties / M. Hasegawa, okay. Saigo, S. Kato, and H. Harashina --
Solid-state polymerization of 1,4-disubstituted butadienes in layered constructions / B. Tieke and G. Chapius --
Polymerization in crystalline inclusion compounds / Mario Farina, Giuseppe Di Silvestro, and Piero Sozzani --
layout of a solid-state response : crystal constitution and solid-state polymerization of bis(propiolato)tetraaquozinc(ii) / C.A. sales space, Bruce M. Foxman, and J.D. Jaufmann --
Dynamics of solid-state polymerization / Paras N. Prasad --
interplay of halogens with unmarried crystals of poly(1,6-di-N-carbazolyl-2,4-hexadiyne) / Daniel J. Sandman, B.S. Elman, G.P. Hamill, J. Hefter, and Christopher S. Velazquez --
Structural and spectroscopic stories of polydiacetylenes / D. Bloor --
Urethane-substituted polydiacetylenes : solid-state polymerization, crystal optics, and conformational transitions / R.R. likelihood, H. Eckhardt, M. Swerdloff, R.R. Federici, J.S. Szobota, E.A. Turi, D.S. Boudreaux, and M. Schott --
digital spectra of a chain of polydiacetylene crystals / C.J. Eckhardt, J. Sartwell, M. Morrow, and H. Müller --
Nonlinear optical and excited-state methods in polydiacetylenes : measurements utilizing picosecond and femtosecond time scales / Gary M. Carter, Mrinal ok. Thakur, John V. Hryniewicz, Yung Jui Chen, and Stephen E. Meyler --
Nonlinear optics : natural and polymeric structures / A.F. Garito, Y.M. Cai, H.T. guy, and O. Zamani-Khamiri --
prolonged Pariser-Parr-Pople version for polydiacetylene excitations / Z.G. Soos, S. Mazumdar, and S. Kuwajima --
Solitary wave acoustic polaron movement on polydiacetylene chains / K.J. Donovan and E.G. Wilson --
Time-resolved photoconduction within the polymer of the bis(p-toluenesulfonate) of 2,4-hexadiyne-1,6-diol / T. Blum and H. Bässler --
Solid-state response of poly(1,6-di-N-carbazolyl-2,4-hexadiyne) with electrophiles : a ¹³C cross-polarization/magic attitude spinning NMR examine / James P. Yesinowski, Hellmut Eckert, Eckert Sandman, and Christopher S. Velazquez --
Electron paramagnetism in poly(1,6-di-N-carbazolyl-2,4-hexadiyne) and its bromine derivatives / M.T. Jones, J. Roble, and Daniel J. Sandman --
courting among constitution and mechanical homes of polydiacetylenes / R.J. Young.

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J . Polym. : Polym. Phys. Ed. 1978, 16, 859. B a r r a l l , E. ; Clarke, T. ; Gregges, A. R. J . Polym. : Polym. Phys. Ed. 1978, 16, 1355. ; Batchelder, D. ; Ando, D. J . J . Polym. S c i . : Polym. Phys. Ed. 1981, 19, 321. ; Wegner, G. Makromol. Chem. Rapid. Commun. 1982, 13, 231. ; Hubble, C. L. Chem. Phys. L e t t . 1978, 56, 89. Baughman, R. H. J . Polym. : Polym. Phys. Ed. 1974, 12, 1511. Grasso, R. P. D. Thesis, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. ; Campbell Smith, P. J . Acta.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1987. 4. HASEGAWA ET AL. 939 Â * After our f i r s t reports on the c r y s t a l structure correlations between the monomer and the polymer crystals (5^ and 6_), a d i f f e r e n t crystallographic result was reported on the poly-DSP c r y s t a l (7). We reconfirmed, however, that our f i r s t structural analysis was correct, reporting this i n 1979 (8). The topochemical photopolymerizations of these d i o l e f i n crystals have been reviewed i n severa ( 9 10) Recent studies of shown several examples whic accepte concep topochemical reactions enunciated by Schmidt.

DSC scans of poly(l,8-nonadiyne) at 207min. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1987. 3. BUTERA ET AL. Structural Studies ofPolydiyne Materials 33 behavior suggests that the sample i s possibly reacting during the heating scans and that the observed exotherm i s caused by the s o l i d state reaction. The decrease i n exothermic and endothermic areas as the number of scans i s increased i s consistent with t h i s . The only seeming inconsistency with t h i s explanation would be the lack of an exotherm i n the solution cast scan.

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